About Manager...

The manager, Mr Mahendra singh is an ex. Bank executive. He is a post graduate of G.B.Pant University Pant Nagar (U.K.). He did his M.Sc. (Agro) in the year 1977 and in the same year joined Bank of Baroda as an agricultural officer. He served Bank of Baroda for 29 years in various capacity. He had been on deputation to The Nanital Bank LTD as General Manager of the Bank from 2002 to 2006. He Resigned from Bank of Baroda in March 2007 i.e. 7 years before his natural superannuation just to accomplish his dream to provide quality education to unprivileged /Poor Children of rural as well as urban areas. He is a man of Principle, fore sightness and beleaves in hard work, honesty & long term planning. He is a very soft hearted person, having concern about the educational upliftment of the society.
He along with his wife Mrs. Sushila Singh started this school in 1994 from their 3 bedroom house without having substantial resources to fund it. Today’s Bijnor Public School is the result of his long term planning, hard work, clear vision and determination.

From the desk of Manager ...

To impart education to a child, a number of educational institutions have cropped-up in recent years without having proper infrastructure facilities and knowledge of early childhood education in every locality of ones city claiming tall promises in respect of child education and development. They forget that early childhood education is very crucial to child development and should be entered into cautiously with someone you trust will benefit your child.
We should not forget that parents are an integral part of the early childhood education process. Children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge through play based activities such as dramatic play, art and social games. Being in the business of child education, we have to create awareness among the parents that it is very important for them to stay engaged in their child’s learning process even if they are getting most of their education from a daycare, school etc. The knowledge learnt from parent will be more cherished and remembered by a child then if any other person taught them especially at an early age.
Children who lack sufficient nurturing, nutrition, interaction with a parent during this crucial period may be left with development deficits. Children must receive attention and affection to develop in a healthy manner. There is a false belief that more hours of formal education for a very young child confers greater benefits than a balance between formal education and family time. All developmental domains of childhood development i.e. Physical, Social, Emotional, Language development and cognitive skills should be well taken care of while imparting education to a child specially in his/her early age.

Mr. Mahendra Singh